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Can You Hear The Music

Can you hear the music, can you hear the music? Can you feel the magic hangin’ in the air? Can you feel the magic? Oh, yeah Love is a mystery I can’t demystify, oh, no Sometimes I wonder why we’re here But I don’t care, I don’t care Can you hear the music, can you

Hits From the Bong

Hits From The BongHits From The BongHits From The BongHits From The Bong Pick it, pack it, fire it up, come aloooongand take hits from the boooongPut the blunt down just for a secondDon’t get me wrong it’s not a new methodInhale, Exhale – just got a ounce in the mailI like a blunt or

Only One

Pain. Made to order. Pain. Sittin’, slappen, scatt’n on my back, try’n to relax Think’n about the facts of the crack runnin’ through the pack Division in thought about the war to be fought For tryin’ to mend the ranks, still I get no thanks They say they mean no disrespect, but dis’ is in

Hello, Little Girl

Hello, little girl.Hello, little girl.Hello, little girl. When I see you every day,I say, mmm-mmm, hello, little girl.When you’re passing on your way,I say, mmm-mmm, hello, little girl.When I see you passing by,I cry, mmm-mmm, hello, little girl.When I try to catch your eye,I cry, mmm-mmm, hello, little girl. I send you flowers,But you don’t

On My Way To Work

There’s a car parked where the block beginsAnd these people singing praisesSay it’s all because of himAnd there’s a bird perched on a frayed wet wireAnd his voice sings out for a loverBut it’s covered by the choirOf voices reaching way beyond the raftersWith devotion they perform these sacred tasksThey cross themselves and offer up


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