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20th Caller Skit

*phone rings three times*Congratulations, you’re the 20th caller! Huh? Yo man, I don’t wanna be the 20th caller man I wanna hear Tha Alkaholiks, damnit! Man y’all don’t never play Tha Liks yo! Y’all play the same damn songs, every damn day Man, them Liks is dopest niggaz on the West coast man C’mon bring

A Little Something Refreshing

Yeah yay ohI’m hungry yeahI said I’m starving yeahI want some Pizza Coke and ice cream popcorncotton candyMarshmallows milkshake and peanuts would beso greatPies chips candy apples Twinkies FrostedFlakes And donuts french fries and some chocolatecake with mustardCookies avocados pancakes pineapple juiceWhipped cream on some raw meatThat’s not all I could…EatI’m hungryI want some food

2 A. M.

I get in from work at 2 a. m.and sit down with a beerTurn on late night t.v.and then wonder why I’m hereIt’s meaningless and trivialand it washes over meAnd once again I wonderis this all there is for me Here I am againLook at me againHere I am againOn my onTrying hard to seeWhat

A different corner

I’d say love was a magical thingI’d say love would keep us from painHad I been thereHad I been thereI would promise you all of my lifeBut to lose you would cut like a knifeSo I don’t dareNo I don’t dare ‘Cause I’ve never come closeIn all of these yearsYou are the only one to


Are you ready for attack?Yeah, Yeah, YeahStargate ah yeahYeah etcFive have been around and livin’ it upWe’re changin’ it around just keeping you rightWhen we get excited no we never stopEverybody knows we can’t get enoughPeople say we’re dark but we’re the light‘Cause we’re the only ones that are keeping you tightEverybody’s gonna feel high


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