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Driving compulsion morbid thoughts come to mindSexual release buried deep insideComplete control of a prized possessionTo touch and fondle with no objectionLonely souls an emptiness fullfilledPhysical pleasure and addictive thrillAn object of perverted realityAn obsession beyond your wildest dreams Death loves final embraceYour cool tendernessMemories keep love aliveMemories will never die The excitement of dissection

A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening

This is a lovely way to spend an evening.Can’t think of anything I’d rather do.This is a lovely way to spend an evening.Can’t think of anyone as lovely as youA casual stroll thru a garden,A kiss by a lazy lagoon,Catching a breath of moonlight,Humming our favorite tune.This is a lovely way to spend an evening.I

2 Da Good Tymz

Times was simply plain I knew they’d eventually changeLet’s take a trip down memory lane With the game talker, native New YorkerGators on my feet, formerly British walkerYes love, that’s how it was beforeWhen you was funky fresh or down by lawParlay with your crew at the corner storeCarrying a boom box ‘til your arms

A Fall Farewell

In a time of quietness I reflect on childhood memoriesCaught wisping through my mindFalling leaves create the stageWords spoken were not cherished On the last day of our friendshipAnd those words were possibly the lastWhat were your thoughts As a dreaming child I awaken to a nightmareAfter a gentle nudge I find out you’re gone

13 X Forever

Thirteen times you fucked with my karma.And thirteen times I fucked up your dogma.You’ve taught me to hate.You’ve taught me to crawl. You raised your hand as you raised the bottle.You knock me down, but it made me stronger.The harder you hit,The harder you fall. And this one’s for my mother,What will I do without


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