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Hi-Fi Killer

i wanna turn you on againturn you around and maybe then tune you outi don’t know how to make it realwhat ever you want it’s not big dealchange my tone [chorus:]i gotta disappeardon’t wanna hear that sound on the radioyeah we could all hum alongcause it’s the same old song i don’t know how to

One Of Them

ft. JuJu of the Beatnuts [Chali 2na]Yo, Your image deceives what your people perceiveSome people believe what the media feeds, TV MCsThat try to bark hollow…pretend to be harsh fellowsBut be yellow and softer than marshmallows [All]Oh you one of them niggas! [Juju]Homo I’ma hurt ya feelingsName brand talkers…pretty ass earringsWhere are all your women

Heaven And Hell

Heaven can be cold,Baby, baby, when you lose control.Everybody needs someone to love –Be careful in the night!. He can hurt you moreBaby, baby, as he did before.Come on baby, keep your hands off himIn the gypsy night !It will come and go.Everybody knows. You make your own – Heaven and hell –Daytime lovers’ love

Oh No She Didn’t

Intro Hello Girl this trick done lost her damn mind Who My damn roommate from hell Girl I know she ain’t trippin’ Girl yes, my lights are turned off and I ain’t got nothing in My refrigerator but some stank a** milk Rap Oh no she didn’t just go there with it I told you


There’s a man sitting downBy the 405 hittingSome kind of tuneOn his guitar He seems stranded In a desert of a million dreams Just like life Hasnt been excactly as nice as it seems Hello how are you Why are you looking so sadOn a day like this Do you feel like talking Now you


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