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Can’t Nobody

[verse1:]trying to let you know what it’s all abouti know you wanna leaveso many little games silly people playdon’t act foolishlyi’m so real, so soft to touchmy love my kiss so sweet, gloriousthe look on your faceanyone can seeno one does it like me [chorus]oh no, oh no can’t nobodydo it like me, uh uh

By All Means Necessary

Canned laughter for applauseYou’ve opened doorsIn and out of their wivesIn and out of your smallsIt’s not a BAFTA you’re afterYou want a million dollar layBy all means necessaryYou will get your way It all seems so easyBut so are youThat’s what I’ve heard them say All the make up that you wearCan’t hide the

Bring it On

[Kokane]In this timesOf hate and painWe need a remedy To help us through the rain Can’t you see I’m straight up G. [Snoop Dogg]Old Chief [Kokane]Fuck you niggasThink you can’t fuck with me [Suga Free](Snoop Dogg)Oh c’monNow that pimp is gonna jump backBitch, and fuck that Shit, I’m qualify to knock a hoe no matter

Bottom Feeder

So little of what seems to beIs ever really thereSo much of what’s here I resentI am a demagogueBorn of eternal flawForever just a memory my friendSo when I disappearShe will still be hereSifting my remains through the ashes She’s not ordinaryShe’s just like me But there is something wrong Inside of me that saysThat

Blood Pig

eye’m sorryeye’m uglyall that i amand i can never live up eye’m failingeye’m angryafraid of the waysthey pretend to be us its fuct upeye’m differentwurdz remainmy only escape art savesall of meevolving and now you’re walking away!!! eye’m so afraidand now you’re walking away eye’m so ashamedand now you’re walking away!! (voodoo spell) [II.] my


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