Hole In My Soul

I’m down a one-way streetWith a one-night stand, With a one track mindOut in no-man´s land(The punishment sometimes don´t seem to fit the crime) Yeah there´s a hole in my soulBut one thing I´ve learnedFor every love letter writtenThere´s another burned(So you tell me how it´s gonna be this time) Is it over, Is it

Angel’s Eye

What ya gonna do when the angels comeGet movin’, yeah movin’I’m gonna get your kicks from the 911It’s movin’, so soothin’ Your passion to be is just looking to feed your own fancyThe blind side of you is a bad dream come true that you can’t see Chorus:From an angel’s eyeKiss your life goodbyeFrom an

Can’t Stop Messin’

Sitting at a stop sign lookin’ for a friend of mine Waiting to salute the flag Talkin’ to some he/she, slidin’ over next to me Man, she said, this lide is a drag It’s a shaky situation, I’m hangin’ on my will And I get no satisfaction from a hundred dollar bill But I got


I’m alone yeah I don’t know if I can face the nightI’m in tears and the cryin that i do is for youI want your love let’s break the wall between usDon’t make it tough, I’ll put away my prideEnough’s enough, I’ve suffered and I’ve seen the light You’re my angel come and save me

Big Ten Inch (Record)

Got me the strangest womanBelieve me this trick’s no cinchBut I really get her goingWhen I whip out my big ten inch Record of a band that plays the bluesWell a band that plays its bluesShe just love my big ten inchRecord of her favorite blues Last night I tried to tease herI gave my


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