Big Daddy Kane

Brooklyn Style…Laid Out

Chorus: Big Daddy Kane Come on y’all and feel the grooveGet on down and make your moveWelcome to the funkiestBrooklyn style, laid out like this Chorus [Big Daddy Kane]I kicks the flavor good, to represent the neighborhoodwhere I come from, and that’s the place of Brooklynwhere the grimies are born and bredAnd bullets are like

Rest in Peace

[Preacher]Dearly beloved, we are gathered here todayfor this somber occasionPlease join us in the mourning of this U-47It was a great microphone in it’s dayuntil it met it’s fateOne evening while it was in the studioit was struck by the lyrical force of the Big Daddy KaneSo ashes to ashes, and dust to dustMay this

Just Rhymin’ with Biz

Biz:<Fonkee!Ready?Fonkee!Fonkee! Ahhh…One two, one twoWe came here to just motherfucking doYou and a crewGot my man Marley Marl in the houseCan’t forget my man, Lik, y’all in the houseGot Fric and Frac in the houseHey-hey-hey, you got Big Daddy Kane in the houseJuice Crew in the houseThat’s rightAnd my name is the Biz MarkieAnd we

How U Get a Record Deal?

On the Black Ceasar tip, my dialogue is just like a frank inside of a supermarket, raw dogI’m the untouchable, never to be took outA Sexy Mother.. ooh child, Prince look out!I’m keepin girls of all shades on my trailFrom a Sister Act down to a Single White FemaleCause when I hit the skins they

Mortal Combat

The kiss of death on a rap pickThen you get a slap quick, so guard it with ChapstickIn other words, protect and hold your ownIt only takes one punch to get head flownFists of fury, suckers get buriedCause the Kane got more spice than curryI am the flavor down on paperAnd nothing could save ya,


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