These are the days When I fear for my lifeThink that’s strangeWell that’s the waste of you Sun up time now for you to runI will always know you – You’re a special oneNow I’m up on this climb, up on this climb I won’t fade away The best is yet to comeSad you’re not


crucified for eternal sins re-invent myself shape my alter skin try to break the mold severed hold first you find your threshold bevelsbreathing out your toxic levels ?lung so rope is hanginnow we know what’s comin oh superman where have you gone with a little more time and a six leaf clover just a little


Breathe in breathe outtied to a wheel fingers got to feel I spin on a whim I slide to the rightI felt you like electric lightfor our love for our fearfor our rise against the years and years got a machinehead better than the restgreen to red machineheadand I walk from my machineI walk from


I’m a manI’m real proud of my manhoodI like to smoke ten thousand cigarettes eight ballI could climb any fountainI never cryI only bawl when I’m losingand I’ve never been wrongnever been wrongI’m looking so goodlooking so good got a big gold gungot a big gold bulletand I guess you could sayI’m real full of

Straight no Chaser

Always be there face i live withalways be there face i live withabscess memory with broken fingersall the fallen down angelsraw pain distress it’s all in the way weknowthat we could have it all some satellites of pain can’t always be ignoredwar on all sides war on all sidesdrink life as it comes straight no


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