Celine Dion

Sorry For Love

Forgive me for the thingsThat I never said to youForgive me for not knowingThe right words to say, to prove That I will always beDevoted to you and meAnd if you can’t feel that in my loveThen I’m sorry for not giving you enough But I’m not sorry for my loveI’m not sorry for my


Some people they search their whole livesLookin’ for somebody who’s just rightSometimes they settle for lessLose outta true happinessThen they finally wake up one dayAnd realize there’s nothing to sayIt’s hard to let goEven when ya deep down both know So they fight and fight and fightAnd no more kissin’ kissin’ goodnightBut baby that can’t

Les Cloches Du Hameau

duet with Celine Dion’s Family The bells of the village Les cloches du hameauChantent dans la campagneLe son du chalumeauEgaye la montagne The bells of the village Are singing in the country The sound of the bells Brighten up the mountainOn entend, on entendLes bergers, les bergersChanter dans les prairiesCes refrains si legersQui charment leurs

Rain, Tax (It’s Inevitable)

(It’s inevitable) I didn’t know there was a planSomewhere a perfect planI don’t believe in the starsAnd then you smiled at my pretenceAs you broke down my defensesJust wanna be where you are Loving like fashionThe look remains the sameI’ll wear you all foreverBut some things never change Like rain, taxAfter lightening the thunder blastSooner

Ave Maria

Ave Maria!Maiden mild!Oh, listen to a maiden’s prayerFor thou can’t hear amid the wildThis thou, this thou can’t save amid, despairWe slumbers safely tear the MotherThough we be man outcast relivedOh, Mainden, hear a maiden’s sorrowOh, Mother, hear a suppliant child!Ave Maria Ave Maria, gracia plenaMaria, gratia plenaMaria, gratia plenaAve, ave dominusDominus tecum The murky


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