Nothing In This World

Love ended here todayAnd the dreams we used to shareI watched you walk awayAs you told me you still caredNow I can’t believe your goneHow could you say goodbyeYou told me you would never make me cryYou saidNothing in this world would come between usNo way you’d ever let me goNo noNothing in this world

Just Enough

It was nearly nine o’clock when I thought about youAre you with someone elseIt was almost ten o’clock when I thought I’d do something to free myselfAnd then about twelve o’clockI’m driving down your blockI see a light shining underneath your doorI’m home about one o’clockAnd you finally call me upAnd I guess I was

How Do I Feel

I was free when we metYou were eating a buritoWith a girl – some brunetteAt El Torosco’sThen you smiled like you knewSomeday we’d be together How do I feelever since I walked away from youI miss you for realEveryday of my lifeHow do I feelNow that it’s overWell the thing that I miss the mostIs

Another Dumb Blonde

I think that it’s time that I should just let you goSo I’ll tel it to your face instead of tell it to you on the phoneYou see I thought that you were special babysomething unique, but lately I’ve come to findThat you’re not really interested in my heart or mind That’s alright, that’s OKYou

Every Time I Speak

I don’t believe in true loveI am alone by natureI did not want to let you inSo why does it feel so classicLike some romantic storyNow that you’re underneath my skin [Chorus:]Every time I speakI speak to youEvery time I reachI reach out for you babyEvery time I breatheI feel your heart beating next to


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