Machine Head

Blood Of The Zodiac

A blind man asked an angelCould you please helpBut was toldTake me from this altarI won’t falterBut I might fall This bitter man would understandThrough all his life, a needle hadBeen his saviour, been his godSo he tried to make a changeTried to rearrangeGun at his side, suicide Pre-chorus:I can’t help feel I been mistreatedWon’t

Blood For Blood

I bite the hand ’cause this hand feeds off meDevoid of emotion, it lives to cheatIgnorance is bliss, and respect I gave youFriend you did claim thisToo bad you can’t speak the truth Chorus: Give respect‘Cause the rule is blood for blood Beatings are what you’ll inherit this timeFist bait, your new nameYour pain is


Hate breeds hate my eyes they have seenthe decimation of all that is pure, pureA system that feeds their machine withthe blood, sweat and money of the poor, poorCorruption gets rich, honesty just exists’cause nobody cares anymore, anymore Fuck it allFuck it all White attack black, black attack backthe fuckin’ media keeps us all blind,


You stabbed me in the back over a sliverA feeling I have been betrayedBoth hands broken togetherClenching fists cause the rage Chorus:It comes in spadesFrom a life of painI don’t care ’cause I don’t give a fuck It tears a path right through me A systematic vision of survivalA struggle I alone engageTension burning inside

Take My Scars

It’s been around for a thousand yearsAnd it’ll be here for plenty moreit is the face hidden in disgraceThat has become now an open soreIt is a false messiahIt is the face of painThe bringer of the bittersweetThe heretic insane Chorus:Take my scarsThrough hands of GodI found a better wayTo break the walls Fed all


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