Mariah Carey


Its 2:11 and I’m stressingWatching TV in my hotel suiteI check my service every secondAt 2:10 you still hadn’t called meSo I’m gonna leave my cellphoneTurned on in my purse by the bedAnd before I fall asleepI guess I’ll just check my machineAgain and again because I’mObsessing on you Chorus:I wanna be your babydollWrap me

Can’t Take That Away

MmmmhWhoaaa They can say, Anything they want to say,Try to bring me down,But I will not allow anyone to succeed hanging clouds over me,And they can try How to make me feel that I, Don’t matter at all,But I refuse to falter in what I believe or loose faith in my dreams ‘Cause there’s, There’s

Can’t Let Go

there you are,holding her handi am lost,dying to understanddidnt i,cherish u rightdont u know,u were my life. CHORUS:even though i try,i cant let gosomething in your eyes captures my souland everynight i see you in my dreamsyou’re all i knowi cant let go VERSE 2:just cast aside,u dont even know i’m aliveu just walk on

And You Don’t Remember

Shattered dreamsCut through my mindTragically our love has diedMemories confine my headBitterly I face the end TrustinglyI gave my soul to youI let you insideBelieving your lies [Chorus:]And you don’t rememberEvery time you told meYou were mine foreverFor eternityAnd you don’t rememberHow you used to hold meHow we’d melt togetherHow you needed meHow we used


VERSE 1When you love someone so deeplyThey become your lifeIt’s easy to succumb to overwhelming fears insideBlindly I imaged I couldKeep you under glassNow I understand to hold youI must open my handsAnd watch you rise CHORUS 1Spread your wings and prepare to flyFor you have become a butterflyFly abandonedly into the sunIf you should


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