The lunar backbone stands straight and alert for a last timeThe mammal feathers are revamped just for this last nightMouthless children are breasted with their own wordsTo essence of their souls escaping through their giant bones you will be paralysedmade to be believedbroken inside to surviveand to watch over me archangel – of no use

Opus Diabolicum (Andamento III / Instrumental Comp

"Voa Serpente do orgulho,Mãe da terra, nossa MãeLei daqueles que clamamP’lo Homo Natura, p’la flama,Voa erótico PentagrammaE destrói, e destrói quem te ama." "Masturbar-me-ia sobre a tua divindade,Enrabar-te-ia se a tua fraca existênciaOferecesse um cu à minha incontinência;Meu braço o coraçâo te arrancarPara com o meu fundo horror melhor te penetrar." ——————————————————————————–[Translation to English] "Fly,


["Therefore I take opium. It is a medicine.][I am a convalescent of the Moment.][I live in the groundfloor of Thought][and seeing life goes by grows me tedious."] Opium, desire or will?Inspiration bound from an elegant seedSubversion, through smoke I foreseeErotic motions of lesser gods in ectasy Opium, bring me forth another dreamSpawn worlds of flesh

Ancient Winter Goddess

A pure veil of darkness.A mysterious fog.The Moon is full.And the Wolves you call. Red as my blood it is the sky above us.As I witness the arrival of the Winter Solstice.And I cry from the abyss with the legions of Lilith.Who grant me, son of Goat, the virtues if the black oath.And I clime

How We Became Fire

how we became Fire?slaves to the smaller Desireof ignoring wrong and right when we could have been waterthe shape of all thingsthe end of all things burning with youat once the graceand the curse how we became Fire?when we could have been earththe ground you sleep,rest in when we could have been airfollow you everywhere


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