frankly modest speech dishonest eyes uponus like a vulture in the sky hovering carcass moulding earth filthy birth afterlife friction based upon fiction replacing friendship untrueness speculation concentration heresy is controlling us all this flagrant foul stench upon us overwhelming everybody like an imaginary forklife brother you point you finger as a scolding motherf*cker sucker


Occasionally I feel like the walls around are closing in on mePhysically I feel sometimes I need seclusion to be freeThe irony at last I see reality is my perceptionAnd my personality is my reflection I must eliminate and change yesterday’sYesterday’s pains todayI must eliminate and change yesterday’sYesterday’s pains today I need to be set


well i need to be around you and i need to see your eyes on me now and i need to caress your face with mine and i need to know that you care ’cause i bleed in pain when i’m without your soul cuz I love you on a level so high ot’s hard


Jealousy is raining down on me right nowAs the fear of losing you is setting inBut ill continue to do my bestAlthough its scaryWondering if this will be the very first time to loseAnd not to winAnd I’ve got no lack of plan But I’m… not a quitterI’m not a quitter I’m trying to scream


I make an impact on lives through truth as well as lies, I overcome your eyes and leave an etched memory forever, it’s my gift my intentions, are only well, its my gift, fine i lead people everyday, always in the correct way, never lead astray, and leave an etched memory forever an open mind


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