Angel Without Wings

Hold her in your right hand. And guide her safely home. Brush away all the thorns. Find all the stones. You’re my angel without wings. When i was crying you never left my side. When i was dying you never left my side. You’re always there for me. You’re my angel without wings. You were


i will lift you up.i will praise your awesome name, praise your namefor what it’s worth and nothing less.perfect in all things,most high God.commend to something so still.


I won’t allow it I won’t let it happen this weakness will be strengthened take away this battle let your fire burn within purify, purify don’t release your hand from me I must surrender, must lay it down what’s to gain is my selfishness what will I promote and what will be pushed back my

I remember the first war, the way the sky burned

My heart is deceived byMy eyes my actions in the name of beautyI’m sickened and strangledBy myself that I would allow an unyielded desire to lead me astrayPut to shame by my lack of trust I confess my faults with tears Manifestations of Your grace fill meRevelations of forgiveness wounds healed by woundsThe Father’s mercyPeace

In Loving Kindness

thank you for the cross. trusting in the balancehas tilted me towards righteousnesslifting my spirit once againsinking not in my functioning. inhale, exhale this over and over again.looking for tomottow.forgetting about today.striving to tell them the truth…dying, dying, dying, dead.through prayer and sacrificeinto all the earthwith love and understanding. now i look to importance,standing here


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