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Can’t Get To Sleep At Night

Can’t get to sleep at night Can’t get sleep tonight, no matter how I trycan’t get you off of my mind, can’t get to sleep tonight Spoke to you today, called on the telephoneyou sounded very far awaybaby I love you, I still love you Can’t get to sleep tonight, no matter what I dojust

On My Honor

Here I am on my own againthe days rush bythe nights all seems so slowguess I’ve let you downin my way, some howif you take me backI know we’ll make itwe’ll make a promiseand then break it On my honor I will tryalways do the best I canthough the tearsmay fall like dropsfrom my eyes

My Baby Understands

Whenever my baby loves mewhenever my baby needs meand he often does Well I’m attracted by desire oohcause he’s the master of the fireand he teases just to tease meand he pleases just to please me My baby understandsmy baby understandsmy baby understandsmy baby understands Whenever my baby loves melove me like he shouldwhenever my


Scared and lonelygoing out for the nightshakin’ all overand wishing I’d nevercome here He pulled up in a cloud of smokeso much was saidbut nobody spoke a word So I took a chanceand he followed me homeI knew he wouldn’t begso I gave in without fighting Been so long since I’ve been this waysince I

One Night In A Lifetime

There’s more to question than answersand sand will slip through your handsand love is faster than lightningso grab it while you can mm, mm, mm… Well I’ve been searching foreverbetween the bad and the goodbut now I know what I’m missingand I wanna make it with you One night in a lifetimeone life in a


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