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Broken Hearted

Verse 1: I’m young but I’m wise enough to know, that you dont fall in love over night. Oh yea. Thats why I thought if I took my time,that everything in life would be right.But as soon as I close my eyes,I was saying to love Goodbye. Chorus: But I guess I’m lonely. Broken hearted.

Angel In Disguise

Angel in disguise she was But somehow you fell for her Until she broke your heart that day And left you in the rain But still I love you I found it quite strange The way you said her name And when you look in her eyes I see the lust you can’t deny It’s


ChorusBaby, baby, baby, babyDon’t you know that you’re so fineBaby, baby, baby, babyThink about you all the time Verse 1Guess it’s time to say, baby, babyHow you make me feel when you come to mindI can’t keep my cool, baby, babyI can’t hold it inside B Section 1I can’t wait each day just to see

He Is

[VERSE 1]It’s the only explanationTo the question at handLike years of pain gone awayIn a single dayThere’s nothing that comparesTo the wayYou make me feel insideAnd I’m so glad you’re my…[CHORUS]Prince charming, my angelMy king and my friendMy love, my oneHe is, he isThe beat in my heartThe kiss on my lipsMy lover, my oneHe


[CHORUS]I never do anything that pleases youSo maybe we are better off apartI don’t wanna argue anymoreSo maybe we are better off apart[VERSE 1]You used to spend time with meYou would never leaveBut now the time you used to giveYou spend with your friendsLately I’ve been feeling you’re taking me for grantedYou do not appreciate


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