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Blood For Blood

I bite the hand ’cause this hand feeds off meDevoid of emotion, it lives to cheatIgnorance is bliss, and respect I gave youFriend you did claim thisToo bad you can’t speak the truth Chorus: Give respect‘Cause the rule is blood for blood Beatings are what you’ll inherit this timeFist bait, your new nameYour pain is


Hate breeds hate my eyes they have seenthe decimation of all that is pure, pureA system that feeds their machine withthe blood, sweat and money of the poor, poorCorruption gets rich, honesty just exists’cause nobody cares anymore, anymore Fuck it allFuck it all White attack black, black attack backthe fuckin’ media keeps us all blind,

I'm Your God Now

So pain told you to take herWell I learned to accept that feeling‘Cause I found how to numb itIf only for just a short whileI’d get so high I’d forget my nameI scarred my fists, I scarred my brainI think that I’m going insaneI think that I’m going insane So drink up, so shoot inWhy


I am the man that defends all things profane6000 years is the time that I shall reignAnd with a grin drank the blood of holy swineI’mpurity made the blood turn into wine Chorus:Old man, dead handIf only in their insanityThe lie feeds off their greedJesus wept I am the pain that feeds off your weaknessA

Death Church

Well I look at justice in a different lightI been to jail, it didn’t make me rightTry and conform, but I won’t be deaf, blind, dumbBeen beaten down, just harder I’ve become Chorus:Death church risingHate church risingLost church risingDeath church rising Hey Jesus can you help me with my painMainline me some religion, keep me


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