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Can’t We Just Sit Down (And Talk It Over)

Cold and lonely night, you don’t have to leave at alla car rolls up outside on time, a moment from your calland handshake seems more fitting than a kisssuch a shame that you and I should have to end like this Can’t we just sit down and talk it oversurely you can ask the better

Supernatural Love

We were strangerswho one were loverswe’ve been everlasting friends I was shatteredwhen you walked out, boyI was walking off the edge Friends, said I looked so down-heartedwhen you leftnow my broken heart is stableI’m starting to mendgot you back and I’m living again Oh, this must be lovethat sets my soul on firea supernatural love(this

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a timeThere was a girlWho lived in the landOf dreams unrealHiding from realityTreated like a strangerLiving in her fantasiesTrapped within their world Once upon a timeHer hopes had diedNo one there to hearHer futile criesLiving in a house of stoneNo one on her sideFamily in name aloneNo place left to hideAah! Once upon

I Don’t Wanna Get Hurt

I don’t need all my friends to tell methings that I already knowlike in the best of all worldsyou shouldn’t forget self-control Don’t say I don’t know what I’m doing‘cos he said "it’s more than a feeling"and I said "I need you too"am I just a fool? I don’t wanna get hurtI don’t wanna get

I’m A Rainbow

I’M A RAINBOW Is there a remedy for the passions of the soulbrother if there is one I don’t really knowhave I let my imagination run out of controlI’m a rainbowjust a rainbow Am I living here in this nameless stateit’s light on darkness sound of silenceI just can’t get it straightsee I don’t wanna


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