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Bitch Please II

[Dre] Yeah whattup Detroit?[Snoop] Nu-uh, nu-uh nuh-no he didn’t! Ahhh! They didn’t do it again, what-what, what-what? Did you shit on these niggaz two times Dr. Dre?[Dre] Oh fo’ sho’![Snoop] Uh-uh, naw, ya smell that? This is special right here What-what, what-what-what? Yeah, it’s a toast to the boogie baby Uhh, to the boogie-oogie-oogie Yeah,

No One’s Iller Than Me

[Bizarre]Yeah…ha ha ha (BANG!), Yeah, Bizarre Kid comin’ at youEminem and Fuzz, and Mr. Swifty, ha ha No one’s iller than me (wha?)No one, no one is iller than meNo one is iller than meIt’s Mr. Swifty from the 313… [Swift]I make rappers wanna turn into singersI keep hoes lickin’ they fingersBring this competition and


[Dina Rea:]Mmmhh [Eminem:]You high baby? [Dina Rea:]Yeahh… [Eminem:]Yeah? [Dina Rea:]hahaha..Talk to me… [Eminem:]You want me to tell you somethin? [Dina Rea:]Uh huh… [Eminem:]I know what you wanna hear…‘Cuz I know you want me baby I think I want you too… [Dina Rea:]I think I love you baby… [Eminem:]I think I love you too…I’m here to

Just the Two of Us

Just the two of us.. (8X) [Eminem]Baby your da-da loves you (hey)And I’ma always be here for you (hey) no matter what happensYou’re all I got in this worldI would never give you up for nothinNobody in this world is ever gonna keep you from meI love you C’mon Hai-Hai, we goin to the beachGrab

Guilty Conscience

[announcer]Meet Eddie, twenty-three years old.Fed up with life and the way things are going,he decides to rob a liquor store.("I can’t take this no more, I can’t take it no more homes")But on his way in, he has a sudden change of heart.And suddenly, his conscience comes into play…("Shit is mine, I gotta do this..


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