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Now That I Found You

I’ve been searching (for so long)For the love I need, feel this need in meI’ve been waiting (for so long)Who holds the key, set my feelings free You’re all I’m looking for (all I’m looking for)You’re everything I’ve been dreaming ofWho could ask for more, more than your love? CHORUS:Now that I found you,I don’t

I'll Say Good-Bye for the Two of Us

When you wake upAnd find me gone tomorrow,Don’t think I meant to hurt youI just did what we knew I had to do Oh, and all the time we knewThe time was never right for us,Time to leave this love behindI could never leave you,Baby, if I see you cry I’ll say good-bye for the

I'll Never Get Over You (Getting Over Me)

I hear you’re taking the town againHavin’ a good time with all your good-time friendsI don’t think that you think of meYou’re on your own now, and I’m alone and free I know that I should get on with my lifeBut a life lived without you could never be right CHORUS:As long as the stars

Stop, Listen, Look & Think

I’m feeling something’s wrongAnd there’s still time to talkIt’s like the love is goneWe’ve been together for so long This is the time you can’t denyThe love we had that we can reviveHurts me so bad, show me a signBe sure you know what’s right CHORUS:You better stop (stop), listen (listen), look and thinkBefore you

End of the World

Why does the sun go on shining?Why does the sea rush to shore?Don’t they know it’s the end of the world‘Cause you don’t love me anymore? Why do the birds go on singing?Why do the stars glow above?Don’t they know it’s the end of the world?It ended when I lost your love I wake up


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