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Byte Block

I’m nothing more Nothing less Than a single piece of flesh Nothing more Nothing less Than a worthless piece of flesh! No, I have not forgot What you said to me This is reality, cast me away! I’ve lost my mind Lost my faith The machine made me the slave Lost my mind Lost my

Arise Above Oppression

Rise above, rise aboveSteal away to hide your shameRise above, rise above! Rise above your oppressionAbove the one that hates youAbove the one that liesAbove the one that hatesDeath! Fear! Rage! Rise above your depressionAbove the one that killsAbove the one that hatesAbove all of the painFear! Death! Rage! Rise above, rise aboveRise aboveRiseRiseRise Rise


Where are we now?When we are blindAbandoned faithYou left behind Were you betrayed?Or did you lie?Our common fateOur common demise Where is the son?To light the wayAlong the pathOf our dismay Look to the skyOn judgement dayA human godThat was man-made So we lieSo we lie So we lie So we lie And so we

No One

Violence in my head Like a thorn that pierced my skin Spilling strength on the floor where I stand It surrounds me, controls me Shows weakness inside me They’ve tried to kill me But they won’t succeed! No one No one No one can deny Sadness in my heart Like a storm that ripped apart

Self Immolation

SkinYour scarsSurface isRusty blades Chorus:Self immolation crying outSelf immolation crying outSelf immolation crying outSelf immolation crying out OblivionYour weaknessIs your temperIs your temper Repeat Chorus Your godHigh aboveIn your veinsLiquid sky Repeat Chorus I’mmortalYour saviourDestroys youDestroys you Repeat Chorus


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