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Basket Case

Do you have the time to listen to me whineAbout NOTHING and EVERYTHING all at onceI am one of thoseMelodramatic foolsNeurotic to the boneNo doubt about it Sometimes I give myself the CREEPSSometimes my mind plays tricks on meIt all keeps adding upI think I’m CRACKING UPAm I just PARANOID?Am I just STONED I went

Blood, Sex And Booze

Waiting in a roomAll dressed up and bound and gagged up to a chairIt’s so unfair I won’t dare to moveFor the pain she puts me throughWhat I needSo make it bleed I’m in distressOh mistress I confess so do it one more timeThese handcuffs are too tight wellYou know I will obeySo please don’t


Hey old man in woman’s shoesI wonder i he knows i think he’s crazyWhen he was young did he have dreams of wearing woman’sshoes and being crazy It makes me wonder when i grow that ageWill i be walking down the streetBegging for your spare change Or will i ever grow that old?Will i still

Bab’s Uvula Who?

I’ve got a knack for fucking everything upMy temper flies and I get myself all wound upMy fuse is short and my blood pressure is highI lose control and I get myself all wound upTension mounts and I fly off the wallI self destruct and I get myself all wound upPetulance and irritation sets inI

Sassafras Roots

Roaming ’round your houseWASTING YOUR TIMENo obligation, justWASTING YOUR TIMESo why are you alone ?WASTING YOUR TIMEWhen you could be with meWASTING YOUR TIME I’m a WASTE like youWith nothing else to doMay I WASTE your time too ? Warding off regretsWASTING YOUR TIMESmoking cigarettesWASTING YOUR TIMEI’m just a PARASITEWASTING YOUR TIMEAPPLYING myself toWASTING YOUR


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