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Staring Into Space

Take this worldThen all it’s becomeI wanna get out of this placeWe’re all living under the sunWhy just staring into spaceGive yourself a chance to be creativeYou gotta give yourself a breakAnd the other love you receiveThey say good to the love you take Close your eyes, do you remember your pastIn the park smell

She's Everything

If you let me be a part of youIf you tell me what I gotta doMaybe I could changeI don’t wanna see another dayIf I ever let you walk away from the love we have And here I can’t see whyI need her close to meShe’s everythingEverything that I ever wanted hereWoh she’s everythingAnd I

Get You Through The Night

Good things come to goals you waitThey’re so patient tears are virtualBut all I’ve got is the time it takes me to hurt youI feel so little I need so much without something to believe inNow all I’ve given is all I’ve got?? to sayGive me all, give me some, give me anything you wantYou


I don’t want nothingCause nothing’s all you giveI don’t need your touchThat could be too much for meI don’t want your liesBurning deep inside of meLook into my eyesI don’t want your sympathy Should’ve known it was overCan we still bring back beforeAs the love is certainly colderYou don’t need me any moreNow nothing lasts

Run Away

Close your eyes, tell me what you seeThe two of us, nothing in betweenAnd run away when we say goodbyeFor all the tears you cryDon’t replay, you could never hideAnd run away with me I can make you believe it’s worth itDon’t be afraid to be free cause no one’s perfectI’ll always be there by


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