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Street Dreams

Uhh, what, what, uhh.. [Chorus: Nas (set to Eurythmics "Sweet Dreams")] Street dreams are made of theseNiggaz push Beemers and 300 E’sA drug dealer’s destiny is reachin a keyEverybody’s lookin for somethin..Street dreams are made of theseShorties on they knees, for niggaz with big G’sWho am I to disagree?Everybody’s lookin for somethin.. [Nas]My man put

Take It In Blood

"I made it like that, I bought it like that, I’m livin like that" [repeat 2X][–> Kool Keith from the Ultramagnetic MC’s ‘Ease Back’] [Nas]Yo; I never brag, how real I keep it, cause it’s the best secretI rock a vest, prestigious, Cuban link flooded Jesusin a Lex watchin Kathie Lee and RegisMy actions are

Silent Murder

[Chorus: (X4)][whisper]Silent, silentMurder [Nas]It’s sort of like the conclusion, the color purpleNiggas is losing, confusion, with one time all pursuit moves inGrabbing niggas up in this movement to rule shitCop verses the block, shorties is too quickLesson number one. If you’re arrested and hungWhere niggas is from gotta keep a lid on your tongueIt’s like

Black Girl Lost

[(click) (dialtone) (numbers being dialed)][phone rings, is picked up right away] [G1] HELLO?![G2] Whassup girl..[G1] Ain’t nothin – this nigga in here stressintalkin that old off the wall back to Africa shit again[G2] What, that God Body shit?[G1] Yeah, that dumb shitI’m tryin to get up OUTTA here[G2] I hear that.. but yo, you know

Live Nigga Rap

[gun blast][P] I shot the motherfucker back[H] Right out the ass son[P] For niggaz don’t know how to act[H] What the deal son[P] I shot the motherfucker back[H] No doubt son[P] For niggaz don’t know how to act [Prodigy]Yo NYC, U-N-I-verse, se-riouslyHavoc and P, Queens niggaz so it seem to beMonopolize, strategies of war, exercise,


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