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Leaving Home Ain't Easy

I take a step outside, and I breath the air And I slam the door, and I’m on my way I won’t lay no blame, I won’t call you names Because I’ve made my break, and I won’t look backI’ve turned my back, on those endless games I’m all through with ties, I’m all tired

More Of That Jazz

If you’re feeling tired and lonelyUninspired and lonely If you’re thinking how the days seem long All you’re given, is what you’ve been given A thousand times before Just more more More of that jazzMore, no more of that jazzGive me no more No more of that jazz Only football gives us thrillsRock’n’roll just pays

Bicycle Race

Bicycle, bicycle, bicycle I want to ride my bicycle, bicycle, bicycleI want to ride my bicycle I want to ride my bike I want to ride my bicycle I want to ride it where I like You say black, I say white You say bark, I say bite You say shark, I say hey man

Dreamer's Ball

Oh I used to be your baby, used to be your pride and joyYou used to take me dancing, just like any other boy But now you’ve found another partner, and left me like a broken toy Oh it’s someone else you’re taking, someone else you’re playing to Honey though I’m aching, know just what

Fun It

Everybody in the morningShould do a good time, all rightEverybody in the night time Should have a good time all nightNow we got a movement Don’t shun it fun it Can’t you see now you’re moving free?Get some fun join our dynasty Can’t you tell when we get it down?You’re the one you’re the best


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