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Lonely Too

How can you ask me how have I been?I think you should know well the shape that I’m inYou tell me you wonder if I was okayWell that’s a damn fool thing to say The water is risin, the water is rideAnd you’re always standin on the other sideAnd then comes the moment, I wait

Never Again, Again

Never again, again.Once more I’ll let you back inI know how the story endsBut I can’t help myselfYou’ll break my heart I knowThrough my tears I watch you goThen just like it’s always beenI’ll say never again, again Each time you leaveI say I’ve had enoughBut I must be addictedTo your kind of loveI swear

Montgomery To Memphis

I’ve got a two room flat with a view of the bridgeThat crosses over into ArkansasIt’s pretty to see all lit up at nightTips are good, waitin’ tables at a downtown restaurantYou sound a little surprised that I might beDoing all rightYeah, this is a big town, and I stillGet lost sometimesA lot has changed

Don't Tell Me

Tell my heart to stop beatingTell my mind not to thinkThrown a stone in the oceanAnd tell that stone not to sink Tell the world to stop turnin’ aroundTell the sky not to be so blueTell the rain to stop fallin’ down like tearsBut don’t tell me to stop loving youDon’t tell me to stop

A Little Past Litle Rock

I had to leave my life in DallasThat town will always be youIn every crowd, on every cornerIn every face I’d see youSo with nothin’ more than a tank of gasI drove away without lookin’ backAnd I guess that’s how I got where I amAnd goin’ anywhere as fast as I can And I’m a


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