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Boy Boy

[Cam:] What up boy, boy?[Guy:] Ain’t nothin’ boy, boy, it’s good in the hood[Cam:] What’s poppin’ boy, boy?[Guy:] A lot of these cats fakin’ jacks boy, boyMy man Smit’ over hear, he’s got somethin’ on his mind[Cam:] ‘Sup Smitty?[Guy:] This kid Smitty is acting a little silly rightnow, boy, boyHe don’t understand this is real

Me and My Boo

ft. Charli Baltimore [Man]A-yo Cam[Cam’Ron]Yo[Man]Yo I know you knocked Charli off[Cam’Ron]No I did not man[Man]Yo stop lying[Cam’Ron]Word to my mother, I did not hit that man[Man]A-yo I’m your dog duke you can tell me[Cam’Ron]Nigga I would tell you if I did her[Man]Yo I know you hit that , yo how the head?, how the head

Rockin’ And Rollin’

[J.D.] Lets rock and roll baby[Cam’Ron] Killa Cam[J.D.] Yea[Cam’Ron] So So Def[J.D.] Y’all know[Cam’Ron] Untertainment[J.D.] Y’all know[Cam’Ron] I’m here now[J.D.] Come on Ey yo you wonder who I areI guzzle up at the barBut you see me in the car that start with the double RRange Rover, Rolls Royce even got a Rocky RollySee more

My Hood

[Cam’ron (intro)]You do what you do where you liveI do what i do where i liveThat’s what makes me nigga, and that’s just the way it is niggauhh, Killer, uhh, Prease, uhh, Vacant Lot, Diplomat, uhhKiller, family nigga, yo, uhh, Killer, uhh, yo yo yo… [verse one]Where i’m from kids get it hecticBut get arrested


ft. DJ Kay Slay [Cam’Ron]How y’all doin’ out there?I wanna welcome y’all backWelcome some of y’all for the first time, huh? KillaWe did it again, y’all don’t fuck wit usSuck a dick man, aiyyo Jones, what’s good?Santana, Freaky, they gonna be mad this time, huh?Aiyyo I got my man Kay Slay up in the houseHarlem,


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