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Blows to the Temple

Check itWe can go, toe to toe, with the blows to the temple (NOT) Not the Temple of Doom, so make roomfor the Unamerican Caravan (who you down with?)The B-Boys, I’mmenslope, Twilite Tone, Derrick and then someI don’t get rid of some faceswhile marks be lookin hard, and they be beggin basesThey have too many

Soul By the Pound

"Gimme a pound, thank you man" –> Tim Dog(repeat 2X, then 4X faster) I’m as bad bad, as Leroy Brown BrownYo I’m a pro pro, but not a noun nounIf you got beef beef, then you’ll get ground groundCut up in soul soul, by the pound poundI’m going downtown like Julie Brown, I’m the round

In My Own World (Check the Method)

("Yeah yeah, now check the method" – Extra P from ATCQ’s _Keep It Rollin_) * cut and scratched 4X by Mista Sinister Verse One: No I.D. No time to get all excited, just write itfrom the inside let the pen slide, and spreadthe ink on the papyrus, come understand this (what?)Paint the canvas, givin you

Pitchin’ Pennies

Hey C.S. man, umm Yeah since you don’t wanna gimme a dollar for no beer umm why don’t you gimme a lyrical shoutout on your album junior? C’mon man, gimme somethin man! Common! Ah-heh! Let’s Make a Deal, pickle I’m pitchin penny dimes and nicklesYou couldn’t sell a sticker, on the tape your DJ ticklesI

G.O.D. (Gaining One’s Definition)

[Common]After bein’ 25, you know, just trying to survive in the world Bout to have a little boy or baby girl. Who knows? Anyway, just when you start gettin that little age and experience to youYou start thinkin about stuff…tryin to make the right moves So bust it out, this is what I was thinkin,


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