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Future Years

A morbid beautyGlows in resonationMercurial signs they readMake real our mindsTrue fascinationsFor now we’re rollingAnd kinda goldenAs time keeps foldingWe’re old when our poor souls departWhereas cold cruel jokes now make you cryOne day you’ll take them in your stride All of the time we’ve resided hereYou’ll see our chalices riseWith ever endless tearsAnd illusions

Le Cirque En Rose (Obsolescence)

Once far away, through a dimension adjacent the day,transcending azure surrounds.One more try to hypnotize, a true life suspension.But to always remain in league with Poseidon.Another chance to undermine as the dead rose decides to come alive.We’ll see how low birds can fly, still it’s yellow derriere the crystal eye.Come sign away, you can leave

She Likes Big Words

Well she comes from the land Of Valencian winds Deciduous daydream Dressage round the bend See sometimes just maybe The mistress of when A triptych of new touch From heaven to men She likes nice cars Invisible trends She bites the heads off Her mutual friends We dine at the table She sits at the

Seagulls (The Macroposopus)

Let us pretend love For the day The life we live And you stepping away Suppose a useless soul depraves But now suppose The truth’s beyond the grave So all and all We laugh the same tears Of how we met upon the river Thames pier Two hearts of gold just for the while Two

Brand New Love

The desperate eyes that close, maybe it goes away.Please rest tomorrow,and bring a satisfied day.The restless urge of love that’s worth, the burning for.Surely it’s that one comforting, love to give you more.And this thought can be that begins, the brand new tangled web you’re spinning.Anyone can be your brand new love.Any time the force


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