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Baby What’s Your Name?

Yo G!What’s the flavor on these skins you was talkin about the other day? Oh them ? G, yo I ahh told you I didn’t tell you about them girls?Nah, you didn’t tell me Aiyyo, she was definitely with the program but she tried to flam a little bit on on, ? though Well then

Baby Mama Drama

Yeah…uh…yeah…uhGrand Puba…yeah…uhLet’s talk about it, huh [Hook]If ya have a kid with a chick then I hope that chu’ love herThere’s no stress like Baby MotherSome of these girls use a baby to get back at a brotherCause it ain’t the same as it wasSome cats bounce, leave the chick to play the daddy and

Soul Controller

Yeah, uhhI’d like to say peace to all the Gods and Earthsand people of the universe (peace Allah)Just wanna let you know the black man’s first(Original Man)We gonna drop a little somethin like this knahmsayinon how we feel on the real, check it yo, uh-huh Who tells you when to work? (The Devil)Who tells you

Big Kids Don’t Play

[Grand Puba Maxwell]Wa-da-da-dah-dang!Check it THE BIG KIDS DON’T PLAYNope, we don’t play THE BIG KIDS DON’T PLAYToys AIN’T Us THE BIG KIDS DON’T PLAYHuh, we don’t play THE BIG KIDS DON’T PLAYCheck it yo Here goes the flow, from your favorite dynamoGrand Puba, Dougie Mo’, to show that we can flow slowSome of them seem

How Many More

Pour it out How many more gotta dieHow many more mothers gotta cryHow many more locked away for lifeJust tryin’ to get a piece of the pie The struggle continues, we hate each otherAnd we don’t know the reason why, petty shitCrabs in the back room, holdin’ each other backUntil the day we die, uh


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