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I never felt so bad In my entire life But this time I did it to myself What do you expect from me? I did it So what do you expect from me Let go of my hand Is it time to go? I’m not ready to turn my back on you yet I’m not

Never Give Up

living with me I don’t think it would be so bad this is the first time this year that I’m not going to make you mad I’m tired of my conscious always telling me to stop slipping in but I can’t waste a second on trains that will never begin everyone has a head upon

Singled Out

I think that all the years we shared were proof enough To extend my hand and help you I know that getting started can be rough If you smile You seem grateful I felt good about myself That’s until the day you show me You told me anybody else… Why’d you have to go? And

Forget My Name

tell all my friends I’m dead I’m leaving you, this time its for good tell all my friends that I’m dead it won’t be long before you forget my name can you tell that I’m losing myself I think I’m trying too hard to let it show to let you know to trace your footsteps


I’m sorry I heard about the bad news todayA crowd of people around you Telling you it’s okayAnd everything happens for a reason When you lose a part of your selfTo somebody you knowIt takes a lot to let goEvery breath that you rememberPictures fade away but memory is forever An empty chair at all


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