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In my heartsent my confession my condolence, You’re indefinite you’re incompetent inconsiderate. You’re so childish, I will push you out of what is real out of my head. You can stick and drown at your residence of dissapointments, Are of yours to come. So embrace them oh my shallow one today, If I could change

Good Friend

I used to think that you were someone elseThen I’d loose my mind each dayI used to think that I could help myselfBut its true what they sayThere is no reason without a wayThis is Good Bye to you and Mewhat a good friend you’ve been to meand I owe it all to youevery good

So Far Away

If you leave where will you go? Before the regret you hold in your heart will start to show… If you leave how will you know? If our ever after ever had a chance to grow! do you dream or do you sleep? Do you pick and choose amongst the jewels for one to keep?

Greener Grass

Well, a man has two facesBut still he’s half blindWell, he searches with one eyeFor what he won’t findWell, he looks for her farWhen she is nearWhen he calls out her nameShe pretends she don’t hear If you loved her my friend don’t take away her prideYou might love her again if in your heart


I wont let you down, if I’m not aroundand you will be free, and I will be myselfI wont fill your eyes with tears, if I lose all my fearsbut who would I be? and would you recognize me?tell me who would you see? when you say… that I would be ours and you would


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