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Bring It On Down

What was that sound ringing around your brain?Today was just a blur, you’ve got a head like a ghost trainWhat was that sound ringing around your brain?You’re here on your own who you gonna find to blame? You’re the outcast – you’re the underclassBut you don’t care – because you’re living fast You’re the un-invited

Angel Child (Demo)

Won’t you take meWon’t you take me to the edge of night and make meWon’t you make me walk into the lightAnd there’ll be no eyesNo eyes that see such beauty would lose their sightAnd there’ll be no liesNo lies that you could tell me to make things right Cos I gave all my money

Magic Pie

An extra- ordinary guyCan never have an ordinary dayHe might live the long goodbyeBut that is not for me to sayI dig his friends,I dig his shoesHe is just a child with nothing to loseBut his mind They are sleeping while they dreamAnd then they want to be adoredThey who don’t say what they meanWill

Rockin’ Chair

I’m older than I’d wish to beThis town hold no more for meAll my life I try to find another wayI don’t care for your attitudeYou bring me down I think you’re rudeAll my life I try to make a better day It’s hard enough being aloneSitting here by the phoneWaiting for my memoriesTo come

Born On A Different Cloud

Born on a different cloud from the ones that have burst round town It’s no surprise to me that yer classless, clever and free… Loaded just like the gun You’re the hero that’s still unsung Living on borrowed time You’re my sun and you’re gonna shine Talking to myself again This time I think I’m


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