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Blown Away

Blown awayBlown away Baby I’m gonna aft blow you away I’m blown [15] You make me feel like a stranger in my own houseYou got me running around just like a scared mouseYou were always saying that I was your destinyThen pretty baby why aren’t you here next to meYou made all of my dreamsAnd


You said youCould see no endThe world and himselfWere all on your backI vowed to take your handShow the worldIn a different lightAll that you’ve doneYou’ve got to believeIn all of your dreams [CHORUS:]No matter whatThe world canThrow at youYou know you can believeBelieve in meAnd after allI’ll still believe in youAnd even ifYou cannot

Brighter Days

I’ve done a lot ofLiving in my lifeChased my share ofRainbows in the skyBefore I stopped toAsk the question whyI’ve fallen out of loveToo many timesBut now I seeThe possibilitiesOh how my life could be [CHORUS:]From any other loveI’d walk awayLove is temporaryI would sayNow each night IFind a reason to stayWith you there’sAlways brighter

Once Upon A Lifetime

Once upon a lifetimeI looked in someone’s eyesAnd felt the fireBurning in my heartFor the very first timeShe was scared and youngAnd had never tasted loveSo I took her by the handAnd a boy became a manOnce upon a lifetime And once upon a lifetimeYou hold theQueen of HeartsAnd if you gambleOn a diamond winThe

Life Is A Rollercoaster

Hey baby you reallyGot my tail in a spinHey baby I don’t evenKnow where to beginBut baby I got one thingI want you to knowWherever you go tell me‘Cause I’m gonna go [CHORUS:]We found love,So don’t hide itLife is a rollercoaster,Just gotta ride itI need you,So stop hidingOur love is a mysteryGirl, let’s get beside


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