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Intro: What? What you want?Represent represent representYeah, represent, check it out check it out Yo mama don’t wear no drawers!I saw her when she took them off!Standin on the welfare line, eatin swineTryin to look fine, with her stank behindYou can ask the bitch and she’ll tell ya fastMeth-Tical got STYLE with his nasty ass

Bring the Pain

Basically, can’t fuck with me Verse One: I came to bring the pain hardcore from the brainLet’s go inside my astral planeFind out my mental’s based on instrumentalrecords hey, so I can write monumentalMethods, I’m not the KingBut niggaz is decaf I stick em for the CREAMcheck it, just how deep can shit getDeep as

Big Dogs

Check it, check it out (8X in background) [E-Dub] Uh-huh, yeah yeah.. ahh yeah word up[Meth] Yo, yo-yo[E-Dub] Uhh.. [Red] Yo, yo, yo![E-Dub] Redman.. ahh yo, Iron Lung[Red] Yo-yo-yo, yo.. Yo-yo, yo-yo[E-Dub] Word, E-Dub uhh, word.. yo [Redman]Call us Guerillas of the Mist, raunchy vocalists(Your code name) DocWhat’s your name? (Hot Nix)(Who them slick kids


[Redman]It’s Funk DocWhere da weed at, bitch?!I speed back wist, down to one-way from cops See thas’ shit?! Believe thas’ shit!Slaughter straight to camcorder, I’m too hot for t.v.Backdraw water, my windpipes attached toProject-ballersYou yell: "Turn the heat down!"My voice, divi-di-round-sound, some heard round townAnd chances are ya’ll leavin’, round nowWait later, will make Funk

Grid Iron Rap

[Streetlife]I Silver Surf the city circuits, forever lurkinon the street surface, I spit blood for blood versesGrands man divided, we still stand, conquer landOne man’ll body slam Def JamFocus your headcam zoom in, with radio tune inI know you’re listenin, so I keep showin and provinPlay the sideline, waitin for the right time to take


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