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Hole In My Soul

I’m down a one-way streetWith a one-night stand, With a one track mindOut in no-man´s land(The punishment sometimes don´t seem to fit the crime) Yeah there´s a hole in my soulBut one thing I´ve learnedFor every love letter writtenThere´s another burned(So you tell me how it´s gonna be this time) Is it over, Is it

Angel’s Eye

What ya gonna do when the angels comeGet movin’, yeah movin’I’m gonna get your kicks from the 911It’s movin’, so soothin’ Your passion to be is just looking to feed your own fancyThe blind side of you is a bad dream come true that you can’t see Chorus:From an angel’s eyeKiss your life goodbyeFrom an

Below Your Means

Come with me and we’ll playYou’ve got a lot, I’d like to stay(So good, so far) I see you playing right alongSometimes it’s better to belong I’ll sing you **** my all night songYou know it’s better to belong Under the cover of a midnight sceneI got the sheets below your means

Baby, You’re A Rich Man

How does it feel to beOne of the beautiful people?Now that you know what you areWhat do you want to be?And have you travelled very far?Far as the eye can see.How does it feel to beOne of the beautiful people?How often have you been there?Often enough to know.What did you see, when you were there?Nothing

Boys To Men

[Mr. Cheeks]Basically, LB Fam to the motherfuckin deathPark side, Queen’s niggaz representLong Isle, how we do? They new our styleRepresent niggaz in and out the P nowYo, I could do this mother shit for a whileI don’t give a fuck, my rap style be true yoYo, eh yo, yo, yo, how we do this Hey


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