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Mommy doesn´t have a head any moreKeep it underneath my bed on the floorWell that´s alright, that´s O.K.She never really used her head anyway Daddy called me a silly boreBut he won´t say that any moreBeacause the way his body is severed tooHis vocal chords are gonna be hard to use Beheaded, watch her spurt

Me And My Old Lady

Me and my old ladyLay in bed all dayAnd when I say I love herWell she rolls the other wayBut really she don’t mean itEverything she saysStill if I believe in loveThere’s nothing wrongThere’s nothing wrong with my head Me and my old ladySit and sip on wineAnd when she says she loves meWill I


Every day, well it’s the sameThat bong that’s on the table starts to call my nameI take a hit and zone out againI’ll be paranoid and hungry by a quarter to tenWatching reruns on my TVI’m laughing off my ass at three’s companyI don’t now if I’m understoodbut hearing Jimmy buffett never sounded so goodYour

L. A. P. D.

L.A.P.D. When cops are taking care of business I can understandBut the L.A. story’s gone way out of handTheir acts of aggression, they say they’re justifiedBut it seems an obsession has started from the insideThey’re shooting anyone who even tries to runThey’re shooting little kids with toy gunsTake it to a jury but they don’t


I wrote her off for the tenth time todayAnd practiced all the things I would sayBut she came overI lost my nerveI took her back and made her dessert Now I know I’m being usedThat’s ok because I like the abuseI know she’s playing with meThat’s okay cause I’ve got no self-esteem We make plans


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