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"Oh, I got a live one here!" Get the funk up! BATMAN Get the funk up! BATMAN Get the funk up! "Go, go, go with a smile!" BATDANCE Do it Keep bustin’ ["do it" repeated in the background] I’ve seen the future and it will be I’ve seen the future and it will be BATMAN,

Baby I’m A Star

1,2,3,4 Hey, look me over Tell me do u like what u see? Hey, I ain’t got no money But honey I’m rich on personality Hey, check it all out Baby I know what it’s all about Before the night is through U will see my point of view Even if I have 2 scream


Baby, what are we gonna do? I’m so in love with U Baby, what are we gonna do? I know U’re in love with me 2 Should we go on living 2gether? Should we get married right away? Whatever U decide, I’ll still love U baby And we’ll grow stronger everyday Baby, what are we


I knew from the start That I loved U with all my heart But U were untrue U had another lover and she looked just like U Bambi, can’t U understand? Bambi, it’s better with a man It’s so hard 2 believe Maybe it’s because U’re so young Or maybe I’m just 2 naive Who’s

Lemon Crush

Ready 4 the crush {repeat throughout song} Chorus: Ah, ah, every time U kiss me – lemon crush Nay, I can’t resist thee – lemon crush Every time U do me – such a rush Ooh, it goes right through me – lemon crush All it takes, a little bitty Of your, ooh – pretty,


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