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Straight no Chaser

Always be there face i live withalways be there face i live withabscess memory with broken fingersall the fallen down angelsraw pain distress it’s all in the way weknowthat we could have it all some satellites of pain can’t always be ignoredwar on all sides war on all sidesdrink life as it comes straight no


We’re just a wish away27th lettermuch malignedbeat me cleversay you willnevermindopen upopen widebonedrivensee we’re taking all the lifeto all pollutantsshave your facewe’re all confusionwe’re all the ragemaybe i can’t eraseall that’s leftinside outheaven knows who walks awayheaven knows who walksbonedrivenbonedriveni was wrong and i will waiti was wrong and i will i will waita thousand


Gave my love 2 thousand yesterdaysnothing is wrongi am always a little lateprobably will probably won’tget this disease cut out of my throatall of a suddenyou come my way baby believer i won’t be saved by morningafter struggling my name slave turned tomasterhistory moansmouth of fatheredge of my bedbenzedrine telephonestruggling to speaksicker than the sickest

Greedy Fly

Do you feel the way you hatedo you hate the way you feelalways closest to the flameever closer to the bladei am poison crazy lushbuilt these hands to lift me upwe are servants to our formulaic waysi’m screaming daisiesfrom 14 miles awayi’ve got my own timegot it all todaymake up your mindi need some helpto


I don’t mind thisbarefoot againjust a skin fullwhat we choose to forgetthinking you knowthinking you see all sidescasting a stone from your handyeah righthell is where the heart issynapse againnothing more i can doi have not done againonly worded nothing wrongtaking a cue from seven daysi bet you never listenburning holes in all your clothesrazorblade


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