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I sit and waitDoes an angel contemplate my fateAnd do they knowThe places where we goWhen we’re grey and old‘cos I have been toldThat salvation lets their wings unfoldSo when I’m lying in my bedThoughts running through my headAnd I feel the love is deadI’m loving angels instead And through it all she offers me

Baby Girls Window

I’ve got you rainbows seen your sunbeamsI know a place where heaven breathesAnd it’s through her windowYour baby girl’s window I know you’re happy where you areSinging to the moon talking to the starsThrough her windowYour baby girl’s window There’s fingermarks around her soulBut your laughter fills the holeThrough her windowYour baby girl’s window Aaah

By All Means Necessary

Canned laughter for applauseYou’ve opened doorsIn and out of their wivesIn and out of your smallsIt’s not a BAFTA you’re afterYou want a million dollar layBy all means necessaryYou will get your way It all seems so easyBut so are youThat’s what I’ve heard them say All the make up that you wearCan’t hide the

Me And My Shadow

[spoken][Robbie: (american accent)] Johnny and Robbie[Jonathon:] What you talking like that for, you’re from Stoke![Robbie:] I dunno but I can’t stop here pally Like the wallpaper sticks to the wallLike the seashore clings to the seaLike you’ll never get rid of your shadowYou’ll never get rid of me Let all the others fight and fussWhatever

She’s the One

I was her she was meWe were one we were freeAnd if there’s somebody calling me onShe’s the oneIf there’s somebody calling me onShe’s the one We were young we were wrongWe were fine all alongIf there’s somebody calling me onShe’s the oneWhen you get to where you wanna goAnd you know the things you


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