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Salt For Your Wounds

There’s a tear in my heart where the blood ran out. There’s a tear in my heart where the love ran out. I thoughtwe worked, pushed toward the same ends,I’ll never be so quick to trust again. Disenchanted, disgusted, I regret that I trusted. I put my faith. My faith in you, you poisoned me

PH Low

So quickly draining away. If you could only hear all the things you used to say. Consumed now by what you knewwas poisonous, quenching your thirst for life (for life.) Will you die for me? Will you live for me? Kill aspirations away.Embrace a dream that was a nightmare only yesterday. True friends forgotten and

Lower Your Head And Take It In The Body

Drowned in flames is where I can be found, my nose broke from being smashed into the ground. What a waste, this place I call my home. Escape this place and break out on my own! I’m still reaching. Try to slap me down, but I’ll stillhold. In the fray is where I can be

Coin Return

i have slipped and i have fallen so far down i can’t get out.Overwhelmed by my doubt. Things i said i’d never do i’ve done. Those i said i’d never be i’ve become. i have broken – i’m still breaking – cracked and wrecked, beyond repair.i can see that no one cares. Forgotten. Recalled. Smacks

Keeping Out Of Direct Sunlight (An Introduction)

We are the ones with the radiating eyes. We are the Ones who have a fire inside. We are the ones only we can recognize. We’ve been rejected (we’ve been rejected)- Suffered the ignorance, suffered the selfishness, been pushed so far down now comes our time to surface. Turn from the light, that made them


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