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Gutta Butta

Yo, we gon do it like thisStraight out the parts. . . that they disregardNever considered . . . okNow don’t get mad, nigga get gladGoodie got them brand new trash bags . . dagAnd they know where to dump that assIn the chairThe hoochie river with the rest of the kidsThat did business outside

I Refuse Limitation

Backbone:One timeUh for these freaky hoes I lustBut I’m still flickin ashes a lot of other motherfuckers snort dustBut that’s they thangA lot of us fall victim somehowBut that’s that gameWon’t try to explainFrom books to bricksNow I see crooks and tricksCaught up in the mixOf everyday in every way but the rightI control the

See You When I See You

Big Gipp:What makes the dogs hollar? What makes the bouls roll?But I ain’t got none, cause most be gettin’ oldAfter two weeks slidin’ in the rainAfter the Braves game, where you headed man?Dawn county line, ready to straight mineWatch the sun glare, peep the cold airThose that understood, those that understandI’m runnin’ rampant on a


"Uh-huh, been here been realStill clear South WestY’all niggas wanna do somethin’ with it?Y’all niggas wanna do somethin’ with it? Chorus:Now from that ghettoghetto, ghetto, ghetto, ghettoGot one foot in, one foot out…of the ghettoghetto, ghetto, ghetto, ghettoThat’s why I know the things I know! In the ghettoghetto, ghetto, ghetto, ghettoAnd some of my friends

Greeny Green

Intro:Ladies and Gentlemen, you are listeningto the rulers of the spirit world(Really, Really, Really)Yeah, Yeah, that means poetry deep in this teamY’all done stepped on we, the green greenYeah, Y’all done stepped on we, the green greenYeah, Yeah Witchdoctor:Check this out, bust it,This is like a rocket, you never packedthis many condominiums in your pocketUghn,


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