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Big Dogs

Check it, check it out (8X in background) [E-Dub] Uh-huh, yeah yeah.. ahh yeah word up[Meth] Yo, yo-yo[E-Dub] Uhh.. [Red] Yo, yo, yo![E-Dub] Redman.. ahh yo, Iron Lung[Red] Yo-yo-yo, yo.. Yo-yo, yo-yo[E-Dub] Word, E-Dub uhh, word.. yo [Redman]Call us Guerillas of the Mist, raunchy vocalists(Your code name) DocWhat’s your name? (Hot Nix)(Who them slick kids

Grid Iron Rap

[Streetlife]I Silver Surf the city circuits, forever lurkinon the street surface, I spit blood for blood versesGrands man divided, we still stand, conquer landOne man’ll body slam Def JamFocus your headcam zoom in, with radio tune inI know you’re listenin, so I keep showin and provinPlay the sideline, waitin for the right time to take

Snuffed Out

Word, yo, I loved you to death niggaWord.. it’s like til death do us partDedicatedPeace nigga now we must part kidYeah, fuck it, whateva We used to be tight, now it’s shoot on sightTakin the ghetto right, slidin in your wife on a rainy nightLow budget nigga wanna act like, yousa killa in the spotlightbut

Break Ups 2 Make Ups

[Method Man]You and I, ’til the day we die.. (day we die..) Yo, yoEx-girlfriend, how you been? I see you stilltryin to fuck with other women men, remember whenI first met you in my cousin’s house, a week laterwe was fuckin on your momma couch, now it’s been saidthat big girls they don’t cry, but

Dangerous Grounds

[Method Man]Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yea yo Yo yo yo yo yo yo yo All them real live motherfuckin niggaz step up front right nowIt’s goin down One love to Long Island Hempstead in my heart babyShaolin what?Come on, come on, HA! Dangerous groundTre pound seven spin around for my bredren the clouds come


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