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Now That I Found You

I’ve been searching (for so long)For the love I need, feel this need in meI’ve been waiting (for so long)Who holds the key, set my feelings free You’re all I’m looking for (all I’m looking for)You’re everything I’ve been dreaming ofWho could ask for more, more than your love? CHORUS:Now that I found you,I don’t

Stop, Listen, Look & Think

I’m feeling something’s wrongAnd there’s still time to talkIt’s like the love is goneWe’ve been together for so long This is the time you can’t denyThe love we had that we can reviveHurts me so bad, show me a signBe sure you know what’s right CHORUS:You better stop (stop), listen (listen), look and thinkBefore you

Love Don't Hurt (Until You Fall)

Ooh yeahYou know love don’t hurt until you fall in loveOhhhhhhh, yeah-eah-eah-eah-eahYeah!Ooh yeah From the first time that I met you,I went head over heelsAnd it maybe could have been trueI didn’t know how to feelI caught your eye,Or was it that you caught mine?I was just about to dieWhen your hand held mine Love

Tell Me Why

(Oh oh oh oh)(Oh oh oh oh) Echoes thunder almost every nightWhy this prison if we’re all alike?Look around you, look at all your friendsTell me, are they just what they pretend? Listen to my story if you have the timeYes, we’ll make the difference if we really tryListen, everybody, and start to make it

Didn’t It Hurt to Hurt Me

Hey! Ooh, babyOh, baby Ever been in loveAnd really wanted someone special?Every second countsFrom the moment I first had you I had a feelingYou could turn my world aroundI just never thought it would be upside down Didn’t it hurt to hurt me?Didn’t you feel it inside?Didn’t it hurt to hurt me?Didn’t it hurt to


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