October 9, 2010 by Abode Camp in Shoot High Aim Low


7 A.M. it’s cold and
the scenery is frozen
Monday is closing the door
and I’m out on the street
Little white clouds in the air
show me I am still breathing
It’s time to move on

This time of year the morning
comes early in darkness
Rain comes fallin’ like tears from the sky
Days come and go and
sometimes they don’t seem to differ
Except for just one…

Saturday afternoon time is
best spent in the Everland
Having so much on our minds
it’s the best we can do
Breaking away playing our rock ‘n roll music
Wasting away our time over coffee and beer
Come over here…

Remind me some lines,
I can’t seem to keep them together
I can’t figure out what it is
that keeps bringing me down
Find me a groove, the kind that I like to get into
Get into the groove…

Open the doors,
turn on the lights and the music
All of our friends come around
to see what’s going on
Hey listen up, this is what we just created
A brand new song

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