January 3, 2011 by Abode Camp in Brian McKnight

Can You Read My Mind

When I’m all alone at night
I can hear the beating of your heart
I should tell you
And I might
before it tears me apart
All I ever think about
All I ever dream about
Can you read my mind
Can you read my mind

Don’t wanna look at you
I probably should go
’cause I wanna be with you
more then you’ll ever know
For a taste of you
Object of my desire
Baby you blow my mind
You light my fire

I want you
I need you
Can’t live with out you


Is this the way i feel
or curiosity
All the things you do
That bring out the lust in me
The thought of me and you
Drives me wild
Come close to me
Can you stay a while

I want you
I need you
Can’t live without you

*Chorus out*

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