August 7, 2010 by Abode Camp in Isyss

Holla At Me

Verse 1
All night we been catchin’ eyes
Between the two of us
And ya been bumpin’ into me
I really think I must
Oh learn ya name
I wanna conversate
But you’re not sayin’ a damn thang
I think I like ya style ya frame
Don’t be afraid I’m not vain
I feel ya eyes from across the room
They’re hiding in disguise
So I look and I crack a smile
Start feelin’ butterflies
Oh I’m kinda shy but I wink my eye
‘Cause you’re so fly you’re a cutie pie
You keep lookin’ and ya walkin’ by
But you still haven’t stepped to me

Come and holla at me now
You don’t need to be afraid of me
Why don’t you come and talk to me
Right now
I wanna meet ya before I leave
Step to me
Come and holla at me now
Sumthin’ tellin me ya feelin’ me
I know that you been watchin’ me
Right now
I wanna meet ya before I leave
Step to me
Come and holla at me now

Verse 2
Looking out the corner of my eyes
I see you follow mine
I get up and I fix my hair
Start walkin’ to ya side
Oh and I lick my lips
And my shirt I fix
I really wanna be up in ya mix
You need to come and step to this
Or this opportunity we’ll miss
Then ya homeboy grabs my hand
I’m wishing it was you (wishing it was you)
I told him that I had a man
Just twistin’ up the truth
But before I leave
You I wanna see
And if you don’t come and talk to me
Ya see this guy right next to me
All night he has been buying me drinks

Chorus (2x)

The dance floor is crunk now baby
And I’m tired of standing here by myself
And you know I’m not feeling nobody else
I been around and seen the crowd
And you the only brotha that is sittin’ down
‘Cause you’re the one that’s holding out
So wanchu come and holla at me

Chorus (2X)

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