October 18, 2010 by Abode Camp in Redman

Journey Throo Da Darkside

Lord hi-gher
Could somebody, turn on, da lights
Somebody, turn on, da lights
The darkside! Yessss…

Verse One: Redman

Guess who’s back when I bring funk like Zapp
All aboard motherfuckers! While your brains get jacked
I’m souped like two scoops of funk juice, word to mother
The way I kick you swear that Jim Kelly was in this motherfucker
The darkside brings apartheid
I act wild like them niggaz from Chi-Town on the Southside
Sweeter than this, whoopin niggaz down like Jack Nich
when I backflip my tactic graphics
Ooooooh! Redman jams it in
Due to difficulties I won’t be done by ten
Friend I got bust shots out the twelve Benz
And then we get the bam-ba-zee from one-ten
Or is it further up? Plus my style murder ducks
So what the fuck, you got the mic turned up fo’?
When I Chief Rock underground MC’s drop like sheet rock
Here’s a ride to the underground

Chorus: repeat 2X

To the beat y’all…
Ah to the beat y’all, I do the freak y’all
I keep the buddha to last me through the week y’all

Verse Two: Redman

Come take a trip on my cosmic movie boogie flicks
Far beyond space so niggaz say your grace
It’s a True Lie that I bring drama like Schwarzeneggar
When a baby, I had other babies in labor catchin vapors
With two gats I move like too fast like Paxton
Ask Toni Braxton who got seven days of action
Black stars or moons eclipse the volume
Bang zoom I’m sendin honies on the moon with ten bags of boom
Ridiculously I will pimp an MC
To degrees I leave spots like chicken pox, check the synopsis
I grow confusing just like Rubik’s cube boxes
Float like the butter, fly so what if I
blow your lenses, tear the fuckin hinges
Did I mention that my lyrical format gets more ahs than a dentist
When I’m in this, the knotty-headed era causes terror
Y’all gimmick motherfuckers better get y’all shit together
One for the money and two for my peeps
Nynex can’t even reach my technique or rap sheets
For the Squad I lick two shots word to God
Then take y’all dreams and imaginations
To the darkside

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