December 5, 2010 by Abode Camp in Westside Connection

King of Tha Hill

Tha Next Muthafuckaz Go By Tha Name Of Cypress Hill ( K All Day )

Ice Cube:
Every Few Yearz Nigguz Think They can Deal Wit Tha Real, Now I Gotz
To Fuck Cypress Hill I Got A Vocie You Can Fell, I Drink A Beer And
Bust A Rap And Thatz Tha End Of Ya Carrer, You Fuckin Bitchez Never
Seen A Hood High Powered Like Tha West Side Connection Slide Though
My Tec, I Got Em Soon As I Spot Them I’m Dumpin Gotz To Treat
These Bitch Azz Niggaz Like They Stole Some Thing, I See You Wit A
Joint, You Must Be Smokin That Shit To Much Got ya Bitch Azz
Touched, Sen Dogg You can’t Rap From Tha Gutz And B Real Soundin
Like He Got Baby Nutz, I Don’t Know Why You Think Ya Slick, I Don’t
Know What Rapper Down Wit ya Click, I Don’t Know 1 Bitch On Ya
Dick, And i Don’t Know 1 Nigga Bumpin Ya Shit. I Here You Clamin
South Central But Y’all Hoez From South Gate, Comin Wit A Vocie
High Pitched B Real Ain’t Nuttin But A Bitch

Mack 10:
We’ll Itz Tha Hip-hop Hippy Startin Shit, Now I’m Rollin up Cypress
Hill Lettin Then Niggas Have It, Got These Wanna B Thugs Up Load My
Slugz Up hey, Yo Back Up Q-Ball We Passed That Bitch Muggs Up,
Pull Over And Let me Out And Let me Show Thiz White Boy What That
Westside Connection Like. Boo Ya Boo Ya From Tha Gaude Has I Split
Them. Tha Buck Shotz Spray And Make The Lay As I hit Them ( Uhhh ).
1 Down 2 To Go Hand Me Tha Fo’ Fo’ Let Me Get My Ride On Get My
Murder On, B Real Wish He Could Be Me Coz He Know He Can’t C Me (
Biiiiiitch! ) You Should Have Known You Can’t C A Real Hog, Coz
I’m A Real Dogg, You Bustaz Wanna C Me But You Bustaz Can’t Coz I’m
ACE Homie Wit Americaz Most, Nigga Miss Me I’m Used To A Hoe Tryin
To Kiss Me, Now What Gave Ya Bitch Ass A Nuff Heart To Diss Me? Ya
Gonna Come Up Missin And Sen Dogg So Wack He Ain’t Even Worth
Diss’in, ( hahaha ), You Niggas Need To Listen, On Every Thing I
Luv My Heat And A Dub, Fuck Rappin Fuck Fighting I Make A Bloody
Glove, Itz One O And Fo’ Sho’ Kill You Pussy Can’t Touch My Skill,
Coz i’m Tha King Of Tha Hill!

Ice Cube:
Every Body In Ghetto Know What Your Doin, 1 White Boy And 2 Fuckin
Cubins Clamin That Your Locco But You Ain’t Mexican,Fuckin Wit Tha
Hoggs, You Say You Bloodz, But You Wish You Were A Dogg Fool. Go On
Tour And Only Rap To Tha Yupies Meet A Big Fish And i’ll Make A
Dish Out You Fuckin Guppies, So Who Y’all Wit? Niggaz Down Wit
Cypress Can Wipe This Shit Off My Dick, Has I Stick It Like King
Kong And Ping Pong Wit Thiz Fake Azz Chese And Cong, Did You Tell
Ya Momma That I Had To Help ya When Sen Dogg Left Ya Bitch Azz. a
Say That I Took Ya Hook? It Must be Tha White Boy Think All Niggas
Steal. Now What You hip-hop Hippys U Fuckin Junkies And Thinkin Ya
Gonna Punk Me And Chill And Deal Wit Tha Fact That You Ain’t Got
Enuff Steal, To Deal Wit

Mack 10: Ice Cube Could You Pass Me Tha Steal, ( Ice Cube ) For
Real? ( Mack 10) I’m Tha King Of Tha Hill (4x)

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